They will guide us –Anaut promises– in this journey that doesn’t only join together past and present but also culture and nature. The wild women go through that border that doesn’t have a place except in sensory intuition. The artist doesn’t hide any of the artifices in her images: the scale jumps, the union of incongruent elements, everything tells us about a territory that is beyond the laws of coherence that rule our world and its representations.
In effect, what’s at play here isn’t virgin nature –if any of it persists in this world–but the myriad of signs that, from the most diverse cultures, give testimony of its loss. Greco-Roman deities, Christian imagery, Andean-baroque mixed virgins, romantic heroines from the 19th century, Flemish still lifes, the horizon that summarizes the sublime landscape… all these lives together without inhibitions in Julieta Anaut’s photographs. But this reenacted nature, as the artist states, has joy as its goal. The freedom in these images transmits a rare faith, an optimism.

Valeria González, 2011.